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Where Elegance Ignites;

sustainable fire furniture that warms spaces and hearts alike.

Eco-Friendly Approach

With the warmth of traditional fireplaces and the eco-conscious burn of bioethanol, every piece exemplifies environmental responsibility without compromising on style.

Personalised Design Assistance

Whether you're crafting a bespoke living space or an upscale commercial setting, our team offers expert consultations and design help tailored to realise your vision.

Melbourne Studio Experience

Dive into the world of Chama Design at our Melbourne studio. Explore our creations firsthand, or an online 1-on-1 consultation, bringing our expertise to you, wherever you are.

Business Partnerships

Catering to architects, builders interior designers, and landscapers. We promise smart pricing, project oversight, dedicated support, and unmatched design freedom.

Our Brands

Luxury fireplaces. Bespoke design.

Merging industrial artistry with the essence of warmth. For those who seek unparalleled luxury with an eye for design.

ecosmart fire built in ethanol fireplace
ethanol fireplace burner insert close up

A radiant relationship with a sustainable touch.

Uniting the beauty of fire with eco-conscious commitments. At Chama Design we value both connection and conservation.