About Us


"Crafting warmth and elegance in every space, we merge sustainable practices with industrial design to create unparalleled fire furniture experiences."


Chama Design began as a spark of inspiration where the age-old allure of a fireplace met the sophistication of modern design. The concept was simple yet revolutionary: redefining fireplaces not just as a source of warmth but as art pieces.


From our initial designs to the array of masterpieces we now offer, Chama Design has transformed how people perceive and experience fireplaces. Each progression in our journey has been marked by innovation, aesthetic refinement, and a commitment to sustainability.


When we first integrated EcoSmart Fire into our designs, we realised we were on the cusp of something remarkable. This wasn't just another fireplace; it was fire furniture. It combined the inviting warmth of traditional fireplaces with the clean, environmentally-conscious burn of bioethanol. That was our "aha!" moment – we were crafting the future of luxurious, sustainable warmth.


Our clientele is as diverse as our designs. From leading architects and designers to developers, landscapers, and homeowners with an eye for sophistication – we serve all who seek a blend of warmth, style, and sustainability.


Beyond fireplaces, we curate experiences. Each piece is a testament to our dedication, designed to warm a room and elevate it. Whether it's fireplaces, pits, or tables, our creations are eco-friendly symbols of elegance tailored to complement any setting.


Our designs have graced luxury resorts, bustling commercial showrooms, and intimate home settings. Chama Design has left its imprint from bustling city penthouses to serene coastal retreats.


  • Sustainability: At the heart of our creations lies an unwavering commitment to eco-friendliness.
  • Creativity: We continuously push the boundaries of design and functionality.
  • Quality: Every piece is a testament to superior craftsmanship and longevity.
  • Connection: We believe in cultivating enduring bonds with our clientele, beginning with the first conversation and enduring long after installation.
  • Elegance: Our designs speak of refined beauty, seamlessly integrating into diverse settings.

Welcome to the world of Chama Design, where the warmth of a fireplace converges with the elegance of industrially designed fire furniture.

Let our designs be the heartbeat of your space, evoking passion, heat, and unmatched beauty.

Welcome home.